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The Bee Protection Society

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The Bee Protection Society

Gus German – Senior Trainer
Gus is a Certified Professional Project Manager that worked in various industries for over 30 years. With a background in Electronics Engineering,
At his various Senior Management roles, Gus has had to present business and technical reports at numerous meetings.
Gus also trained as a Counsellor and especialised in Exposure Therapy to treat phobias.
He also undertook extensive training in presentation skills over many years and has mentored many public presenters and keynote speakers. He brings his expertise to our courses.
Mary De Sa – Senior Trainer
Mary is and IT Professional. She has worked in the IT industry for many years.
In her various roles, she was required to deliver presentations and speeches as well as keynotes.
Maria has undertaken several public speaking courses and has had extensive practice.
She has also won various speaking competitions.
Mary has been training and mentoring public speakers for over 5 years.
We are honored to have Mary as one of our trainers.
We have a dedicated team of people that assist us in training our clients.
They are all Certified Public Speakers with many years of experience.

What Makes Us Different

  • The Bee Protection Society
    The Bee Protection Society
  • The Bee Protection Society
    The Bee Protection Society

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