Fear of Public Speaking – No More

Public speaking is often listed as one of the most feared experiences. This is often listed before fear of snakes, spiders and even death itself. Really? Is public speaking really worse than death? How is it that such a powerful communication skill gets such a powerfully negative perception?

Scientific scrutiny shows that it has to do with many factors and that we can change this erroneous perception and improve our speaking capabilities. Often, as with most things challenging, we don’t take steps to change unless we challenge ourselves.

Truth is that when we challenge ourselves we grow into ever positive realities. Fear and negative beliefs should never define us but instead be the starting point of positive growth.

Are you prepared to see a whole new set of opportunities appear in your life or career that you never thought possible? Our Public speaking training will equipt you will many of the skills to get you there.

In future posts, you will see practical advice and scientific insights on how to improve your speaking outcomes. Please join the conversation. What are your public speaking challenges? How can we help you overcome them?

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6-Week Training Courses

Our expert trainers at Fearless Speakers can help you get on the path to successful speaking through our dedicated 6-week series. We offer courses from beginners through to advanced speakers.
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Intensive Bootcamps

For those who are in a hurry to obtain the skills, we offer our courses over an intensive weekend for each of the levels.

One-on-One Coaching

Through expert public speaking training and practice you too can master these skills and improve your career trajectory. Our expert public speakers at Fearless Speakers can help you get on the path to successful speaking though One-on-One Coaching. Our vast experience and insight is imparted in individual sessions that give you the skills you need to thrive in this ever competitive environment.

Gus German is a Certified Professional Public Speaker and Senior Trainer at FEARLESS SPEAKERS, a Sydney- based, a public speaking training organization. As a seasoned public speaking trainer & professional speaker he enjoys helping other succeed in this worthy and rewarding craft. Gus is also a Certified Project Manager and has a background in Electronics Engineering. He also worked as a Counsellor over many years and specialises in Exposure Therapy
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