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What is Killing the Bees? — and Why It Matters.

The sad reality is that no one knows what is killing he bees with complete certainty, but the fact is the bee population is in steep decline and this is a major cause for concern.

This is very important, as bees pollinate all the fruit trees, nuts and vegetables. Should bees disappear, we would have problems producing these items.

We, at the Bee Protection Society want to do what we can to protect the bees, particularly the bees in the urban environment. Bees in large cities have a lot going for them, but only as long as they are protected within a proper hive and under the care of someone that looks after them.

When bees in an urban environment are left on their own, they will settle in places that will scare many people; in houses, inside a roof space or inside a wall, inside a tree or near a school. When people see this, they usually call pest control and some of them will be more than happy to charge you $ to kill them.

We want to encourage people to call beekeepers to collect bees and keep them safe, rather than calling pest control. This is an issue particularly in spring when bees swarm and settle on a tree or a hoist while they are looking for a new place to live.

We also want to educate people about these fascinating creatures and encourage them to install a beehive in their backyard. It is a very rewarding experience to know that you are helping bees survive and also to get honey and wax in return. with complete certainty